Welcome to Conscious Contact!

Join us on a spiritual retreat that you will never forget.

For 7 years, Conscious Contact Retreat has been dedicated to providing a space for a deep and profound seeking by members of the recovery community. We have found a spirituality that works through the principles of Crystal Meth Anonymous and the power of the 12 Steps of recovery. This retreat has been created specifically to energize our understanding of a higher power and to share tools of daily practice that can enrich that relationship. What we have found is that crystal meth addicts in recovery, truly all who have faced addiction, are perfectly positioned to find a deeper enrichment through the spiritual principles we explore at this retreat. This 12 Step work helps us to honor and enhance our connection to ourselves, the world and our personal higher power. Nestled in the mountains near Idyllwild, Yokoji Zen Mountain Center is where we take this journey. Find out more about Yokoji on our page here.

Please join us for our next retreat on October 11-13, 2019.

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